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We  are   non-ferrous  foundries  in  HongKong.We produce Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Zinc casting  . For over

30 years we have been involved in manufacturing all types of industries including,  Machine parts,  Marine, Building Material,  Antique  Furniture Hardware and Gift Ware. We strive  to consistently produce high quality  products at reasonable prices.


Although  we do a lot of  high  production parts we  still a  small  enough foundry that  can  provide  personal  service  and help with design work  for new products. We work with a lot  of inventors and start up  companies and help them get going on their  casting projects. If you have an idea and  would  like some consultation to see if sand casting  would be in the  right for you then don't esitate to send us an Email and maybe  we could  point you  in the right direction.We  can  usually give  you  a  rough  idea   of  pattern  cost  and  casting  cost by a written E-mail description or a faxed sketch.  


If you wish to develope your casting projects, Please feel free to contact our Sales Team at Tel : (852) 8100 6612

Fax : (852) 3909 4444 Email : , for details .


本公司開業三十年一向致力生產各類黃銅 ,紅銅 ,大生銅 ,鋁合金,鋅合金,鉛等產品.價格合理而且貨期準時.適合多種

行業產品上使用. 香港或國外交收均可. 歡迎來圖起辨或查詢價格. 本公司定必揭誠為你提供最優質服務. 客戶查詢

電話 : (852): 8100 6612 傳真 : (852) 3909 4444 Email : ,

產品適用範圍 :

- 銅鋁建築材料,鐵閘配件,銅鋁字體,銅鋁花圍欄裝飾.

- 鋁質餐桌椅,銅燭台餐具,銅鋁燈飾及燈飾配件,鋁銅傢俬及配件.

- 鋁質花園庭園用品,家庭用品,銅鋁聖誕飾品及人造花用配件.

- 銅製船艇用品及船用機械零件設備, 銅,鋁,生鐵水電器工程配件.

- 工業機械零件,配件,大形機殼設備,玩具及絲花模具.





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